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Monthly Board meeting: first Tuesday of the month at the Deer Creek Shooting Center meeting room, 6 PM.


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If you are a new shooter and would like more information about the BSPSC or practical shooting in general, please contact our Club President HERE or click on the link below:


How To Get Started





Getting Started in the Sport of Practical Shooting



The best way to get started in our sport is by attending our New Competitor Clinic that we hold in March every year. We use this clinic to introduce folks to this exciting sport. We cover the rules of the sport and the equipment used as well as discussing techniques and skills. We conduct our matches under the sanctioning of the United States Practical Shooting Association and we follow the USPSA rule book.



Most competitors are using semi-auto pistols in a variety of calibers. The most popular calibers are 9mm, .40S&W and .45 ACP. If you are not into reloading yet, the 9mm is probably the least expensive and if you are buying your ammunition, 115 grain round nose ammunition is sufficient for competition.



You will need a good holster and the kydex type material is very popular. It is important that the trigger guard is covered by the holster and steer away from holsters that have a retaining device such as a strap. You will need magazine pouches and 2 pouches will probably serve you well to get started and don’t forget extra magazines……..5 will get you going. And most important of all, don’t forget that you have to use ear protection (muffs) and eye protection (safety glasses)…..this is mandatory.



Typically our matches will require 125-150 round minimum of ammunition…………it is always a really good idea to bring twice that amount to the matches. And don’t forget to pack some water because you will get thirsty and some snacks are a good idea, too.



Again, the best way to get started is by attending our New Competitor Clinic. If this is not possible or it’s later in our match season, we can still get you started in the sport. We can get you some one on one training with one of our instructors to get you started.


Please feel free to come out to one of our matches and observe what we are doing (eye & ear protection is required for spectators) and you will see what an exciting sport we have and you will get to meet some of the competitors involved as well as getting a chance to see some of the equipment used.



As a spectator, you will need to check in with one of our match officials. You can go to the stats office and ask them to find me or another match official.



We look forward to seeing you at our matches,



Paul Miner                         Gary Ritter

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The Big Sky Practical Shooting Club "BSPSC" is affiliated with USPSA. We are located in Missoula, Montana. Come and shoot with us on the most beautiful range in the state, the Deer Creek Shooting Center. Our shooting season is April through October. We usually hold matches on the second Sunday of the month. Match fees are $15.00.

Join us. We'd love having you.

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